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If you purchased or refinanced a home in the past, you probably have strong feelings about the lender you chose, one way or another. If you had a positive experience you might refer them to friends and family and we are sure you have used words like competent, timely, good rates, and a variety of programs to describe them. However, no matter how pleasant, we doubt you have used the word LOVE in the description.

I Love My Lender was created to track that illusive quality and make it part of working with us. It’s easy to find good pricing and good service. We believe in taking the relationship a step further. AT&T had an ad many years ago saying, “the best business calls are personal”. We know how important this is so we put more of ourselves into what we do.

Online communication, real people when you want or need us and a core group of professionals whose goal is to get your loan done AND make sure you’re happy. How hard can it be? For example, call us and you will never hear, “please listen to all of our options because our menu has recently changed”, even if it has!

  • Many would prefer a total online experience. We are constantly adding useful applications to make that possible. As technology and communication change, we will change with it to improve your experience.
  • Still prefer the human touch? Humans are available. Call or email us.
  • Live chat? We have that too.
  • Secure online applications and document transfers? Of course.

The fanfare you get from most lenders is just more of the same. We strive to really make it a “service industry”. Something you actually could love? I Love My Lender – our name is our philosophy and together, we may not change the world, but we can change a small piece of it

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  • Think of us when you are ready for your next Home Purchase or Refinance.

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    Proud sponsor of:
    VHi – Veteran Housing initiative
    an end to Veteran homelessness in 12 months