COVID-19 resources

In a time of social upheaval, most companies are sending messages as to how they will now sanitize their contact with you. Fortunately, the mortgage industry has been virtual or by phone for years. Those that still like to meet and shake hands with their Loan Officer will likely resist the urge for now.

That being said, what can we do to provide current, valuable information that you might not find in one place? Some of the statistical information may be disturbing. If you are sensitive or have young viewers please do not view those links and initiate appropriate parental controls.

Live TV (for your computer or mobile device) – Links go to sites streaming these stations live. No cable account needed.

(hint: text the Live TV links to yourself or a friend and it will create a one touch link that brings it up on your mobile device)

Lastly, since there is no cure or vaccine currently for COVID-19, all you can do is try your best not to get it. Below is a link that will take you to a page that goes over PPE differences and how to be safe in this environment: