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Ready to take advantage of today’s low rates? Will they keep moving lower? Today’s market is so unpredictable, it will likely pay to WAIT for rates to fall.

Why should mortgage rates continue to decline? – The Federal Reserve dropped their interest rate to a quarter point (.25%) on November 15th. Their rate was 2.25% prior to this. Consumer mortgage rates pre-COVID19 ranged from 3.5% to 4.0% for top borrower, conventional, 30-year fixed, primary residence, rate and term refinances. At the same margins, 30-year rates should be 1.5% to 2.0%. FHA and VA 30-year rates are already as low as 2.25%. It is only a matter of time. The question is when.

After lowering the interest rate, the Federal Reserve additionally stated they would not increase it before 2022. They further stated, at a later date, that it would likely be quite a bit longer than 2022 before they raise their rate. Mortgage rates will likely continue to fall.

You could compare several lenders and lock at today’s best rate,
or “Ride the Rates” with us, watching for when mortgage rates are lowest.
Shop smart not hard

Receive rate updates, similar to the one below, every day.

Note: This is a test scenario for tracking daily rate trends. Your pricing will likely be different.

The objective is to offer the best possible rate by closely monitoring this fluctuating market. Cash out, jumbo, IO ARMs and bank statement programs are once again available. Their cost and requirements should continue to decrease and availability increase with the volume reduction of standard Rate/Term refinances. Another good reason to “ride the rates”, if your loan falls into one of those categories.

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