Sportsman’s Village

Sportsman’s Village
Making sports safe

The idea is to create a secure, quarantined environment, including an appropriate stadium, complete neighborhood/mini city, which will provide all the players and their family’s needs during their sport’s season. It will remain safe and COVID free and will provide a high quality of life for the players, their families and the support staff and their families. The concept will work for all sporting event players.

Purchase, rent, lease a neighborhood close to a chosen stadium for a specific sport. The stadium and neighborhood are quarantined. All members of all teams involved in the sport and their family members may reside in Sportsman’s Village, however they must enter at the beginning of the season and will be quarantined there throughout that season. All games for the season will be played at that facility.

If the neighborhood is not connected to the facility, sealed vans, recirculated AC will transport players and family members. Van driver(s) will be quarantined at Sportsman’s Village during the season they are hired for.

Pick a stadium that works well for all sporting events
That also has a large enough neighborhood that we could annex for all players of all teams of that current sport
Players and their families may reside there, and are quarantined there throughout the season. Fine dining, movies, shopping, fast food, medical, all contained. All players and their families are guaranteed COVID free if properly tested before entering the “neighborhood”. Support personnel (restaurant staff, movie theater staff, retail staff, medical staff, school staff, etc.) will also be permitted to be in “Sportsman’s Village” and will be quarantined, with their families, within the village.
Can choose different stadiums/neighborhoods for different sporting events.

Any form of national traveling, visiting family members at home during the season, eating in strange cities and on the road, working out in strange, unsecure facilities, is going to be devastating in every sport, some worse than others. But these are Contact Sports folks. Without flawless precautions, COVID will show up at your party, and I can’t see how you will keep the Dallas Cowboys in masks socially distancing themselves from the other team. The US needs sports. We need our heroes. But we need them healthy as an example to the rest of us. Please give my proposal consideration.